The ACSS is a national student run and led volunteer organisation headquartered at the ANU. We specialise in complex future-based and alternative crisis simulations in a national effort to help create the next generation of national security experts and leaders. In 2023, the Summit will be held between the 1st and the 8th of September. We pursue a multidisciplinary approach to our crisis simulations by creating a space for unheard voices in the security field to create crisis simulations through alternative lens’ or by enabling those from typically non-security fields to participate as delegates. 

“The Summit will centre around three intense, realistic, full-scale national security crisis  simulations with complex systems and knowledge discipline-diversity at the heart of their design. This is a unique opportunity for a select group of Australia’s, the United States’ and United Kingdom’s future leaders to participate in a challenging exercise designed to thoroughly prepare them for the dilemmas their generation will likely face in the years to come. Over the past four years, they have learned from experience and been hard at work since the beginning of the year to ensure the foundations are set for an invigorating, refined, and successful Summit.”

-Admiral Chris Barrie

I don’t come from a traditional international relations background so going into ACSS I didn’t know what to expect. It’s safe to say it’s eye-opening about the world of global affairs. The summit week was jam-packed with engaging activities, incredible speakers and networking opportunities. In fact, I still keep in touch with some of the delegates today and I’m even more enthused about the future of international relations.

Sofiya, Melbourne Delegate 2022

The ACSS was a great way for me to practice my teamwork skills and ability to stay calm under pressure in a realistic environment. I loved getting to work with Conductrr, our simulation software, and learning from lead academics and professionals in the security field.

Amandine, Canberra Delegate 2022

One highlight for me was the depth and realism of the simulations. The problems we faced were all in familiar contexts, but there was a challenging twist around every corner of the narrative that added additional breadth and complexity. Also a highlight was the opportunity to consider security issues from different perspectives and hear from experts across academia, specialist agencies, and the private sector.

Ryan, Brisbane Delegate 2022